Deceased employee’s request for termination agreement effective

Termination Agreement: What happens in Germany if a contractual termination agreement has been already been signed and the employee dies afterwards? Is the termination agreement still valid? The Landesarbeitsgericht Baden-Württemberg has already decided (judgement of 15.12.2021, 2 Sa 11/21). If the death of the employee occurs during the contract conclusion phase of Read more…

What is collective labour law?

Collective labour law can be subdivided into two levels:

Collective bargaining law – the level dealing with relations between trade unions, employer associations and individual employers.

Workplace labour relations law (also known as works constitution) – the level dealing with relations between employer and workforce in individual establishments.

Collective bargaining law

Collective bargaining autonomy is among the constitutionally protected rights of trade unions and employer associations. The collective bargaining partners thus have the right to enter into collective agreements under their own responsibility. (more…)

Employment agreement

In an employment contract are formulated the rights and obligations of a working relationship between employer and employee. The following points are important parts of an employment contract: What? – Description of the tasks which the employer can assign to the employee Where? – Definition of the place where the Read more…

Protection against dismissal under German labour law

The regulations on protection against dismissal should give stability and security to the employment relationship. If all conditions for termination have been complied with in all points, the termination is considered effective. Lawsuit against unfair dismissal The employee may file complaint against unfair dismissal at the German Labour Court (Arbeitsgericht Read more…