Particular regulations apply for the following groups of people:

Insolvency – Employees of a debtor

In case of insolvency, the following applies: The maximum period of notice is three months (at the end of the month shall the contract expiries). This is independent of the employee’s period of employment and applies in the following cases:

  • Insolvency administrator dismisses a debtor’s employee
  • Employee gives notice to the insolvency administrator of his termination

If there are legal or contractual provisions allowing shorter deadlines, shorter deadlines apply.


Home workers can be dismissed and can terminate their contracts at any time (today for tomorrow).  If the employment relationship lasts longer than 4 weeks and the homeworker works for a client or an intermediate, the period of notice is extended to two weeks. If the homeworker mainly works for a client or an intermediate master, the usual legal regulations apply. [See: Period of Notice]

Under 18

According to the German “Young Persons Employment Act” (Jugendarbeitsschutzgesetz), young people under 18 are not allowed to work more than eight hours a day (maximum of 40 hours per week)