Employers and employees can not terminate an employment relationship whenever they want. The following deadlines apply:

… in case of an Ordinary Termination

  • Employer must obtain a statement from the works council.

Deadline: 1 week

  • Employee can file opposition.

Deadline: 3 weeks

  • Worker must report pregnancy

Deadline: 2 weeks

  • Worker must notify the severe disability

Deadline: 1 month

… in case of Extraordinary Termination

•       Period of notice until the statement of recognition of the termination´s reasons.

Deadline: 2 weeks

•       Employer must obtain a statement from the works council.

Deadline: 3 days

•       Employers must request the approval of the Integration Office in order to terminate a disabled employee.

Deadline: 2 weeks

•       Employers must have the approval from the Health Authority to terminate the employment relationship with a pregnant woman.

Deadline: 2 weeks

•       Employers must file an application with the Labor Court to terminate their works council members.

Deadline: 2 weeks

… in the case of a temporary employment contract

• Employee may file complaint against their time limitation.

Deadline: 3 weeks


[See: Fixed Term Employment Contracts]


Final Deadlines

Time limit• Open claims from a terminated employment relationship.   Deadline: according to agreement Employment Contract• Summary of the employment activities  Deadline: 1 month

[See: Employment Contracts > Form and Content]