Employers and employees may apply for an extension or reduction of the working time.


  • The employer must have more than 10 employees (trainees’ count 0, 20-week-employees count 1/2 and 30-week-hours count 3/4).
  • The employment relationship must be at least six months.
  • The employee must apply for the change of working hours at the latest three months before the change.
  • He must justify his application for more working hours.
  • The employer must announce a planned change of working hours at least one month in advance.

If the employer refuses to reduce the working hours of the employee, this event is not considerable a ground for dismissal of the employee.

Reduction of working time

If the employee has applied for a reduction of his working time for no operational reason, the employer must authorize the request. The employer must respond to the request at least one month before the start of the working time reduction. He must notify his decision in written form, otherwise the working time reduction will take place. If both parties are unable to find an agreement, the working time reduction shall become effective. The employer can undo the agreement: in order to do so, however, the employer needs to justify his actions with valid reasons and announce the fact at least one month in advance.  

Extension of working time

A part-time employee must apply for an extension of working hours. If an appropriate workplace is available, the employer can decide to extent the working time of the employee. The only prerequisite is that the employee is suitable for the position.